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Why Content is Important in Digital Marketing?


 “Writing is product of silence and a painting of the voice, the voice of audience that is framed into alphabets in the form of post’s content that is feed into social platforms in the process of digital marketing”



Today internet is a big place and the internet world has enough content in it to attract and engage the audience. When it comes to the internet, Digital marketing holds the best position in this online world. Where everything has become digital and marketing is carrying the businesses too high in the market. Digital marketing is all about using a new media platform to market a brand, production, or organization. It is about capturing the correct audiences for products and services suitable for either successful large online businesses or growing startups through the internet. Thus, here content plays the lead role in the process as it is only the one that makes the brand or posts attractive and unique from others.


What content is?

Content is the one that carries the crown in the process of digital marketing as it is the one among the different elements of digital marketing that enhance social media strategy along with generating quality traffic to the website that one owns. High-quality content is a priceless way to hook up brands with their consumers.

Today is the generation where every age group is addicted to the internet and for businesses; it is the beneficial point to connect customers of every region according to their choice. The reason behind being addicted to the internet is ‘content’ whether it’s video content, written content representing personal motive, or the business motive.



Being in a competitive world we are much aware that every field has great competition within and to sparkle in the crowd is a little difficult. All suited to digital marketing, for being unique and to lead in the market a unique innovative content is most important. Here it plays a great role as it brings the unique identity of the brand, product, or service. So for being unique and for being attracted by the audience in the digital world through social media a unique and catchy content is required. Some reasons that clarify it’s importance in digital marketing are:

  • Content educates the audience
  • Content makes you a thought leader
  • Builds a relationship with your audience
  • It facilitates customer loyalty
  • It encourages audience engagement
  • It also improves SEO
  • Boosts business growth

The most important notes about content that makes the writing effective in the process are;

  1. The content should be clearly written to deliver the thought with the same tone to the audience in their terms.
  2. It should be emotionally engaging perfectly suiting their thoughts and needs regarding product and service.
  3. Along with those, a best practice of SEO should be performed, like Keyword research and integration to increase the volume of traffic.


How Social media is linked with content?

We are in the era where 448 million social media users are active among the total population of 1.39 billion reporting January 2021. This shows that social media has captured a wide market space. Even India is known for the country with the most Whatsapp users.

So the best place in today’s world for growing business is a digital platform and most importantly in Social media platform. Here we meet with the best number of audiences. Now, comes the question how is it linked with social media?

The answer to this question is very simple when we are aware of the social media platform and its active users it makes it clear that to have customer engagement social media content is the best key. Content matters most in it because the content is only the thing that makes us stand out of crowd or stand unique in the market with some innovations.


Social Media users Stats in India- till July 2021

Facebook– 78.51%

YouTube– 9.02%

Instagram– 7.14%

Pinterest– 2.34%

Twitter– 2.18%

Tumblr– 0.39%

From the stats, it is clear that most of the social media users are attracted to Facebook YouTube, and Instagram. Thus to engage them and increase the volume of traffic on the digital platform we need to focus on the social media content. Delivering unique content on daily basis with some innovation and uniqueness in it we can hook up with a large audience. As Facebook is leading by the number of audience in the social media platform, one should know that, if you run a Facebook Group, you should consider creating a newsletter update every few weeks highlighting interesting questions or conversations with links.


Closure to the topic 

Content is the medium of delivering the thought to the audience, whatever we frame is delivered as a communication to our message that ultimately educates our readers and persuades the audience to purchase our product or service over the heavy competition. Thus, ‘Content is king’ in the process of Digital marketing and has great importance.


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