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Are Interns Good For Startups?


“Every expert is expertise because once he was a beginner and every beginner begins with some other beginning’s end.”


For a long time, everyone is busy chasing money, luxurious life, and success. To chase those earning is only the option to fulfill all the dreams. In the path to reach the peak of success journey start with small beginnings. Small beginning gradually means stepping small steps to accelerate and jump to the highest. Same are interns who begin as an intern in the company to hire interns for their future achievement. Hiring interns for any company whether it is a startup, successful, or on the way to success brings a beneficial zone to it. They are fresh-minded gems with lots of curiosity, sharpness, and exploring nature; they always come up with something new and trendy. This eventually benefits the company in grasping the consumers at a high rate. The confusion is that whether having interns in startups is good or not?

Are interns good for startups?

Startups are pretty cool and fascinating and as a startup company, the company faces a lot of problems especially with the employment arena and one of those is hiring interns which seems to be a rite of passage.

From the view of interns– sharing personal experience internship with startups are best in comparison to MNC’s and successful corporations. The only reason is that interns are treated with equal value to other employees of the company, they value their opinion, and they provide a sense of ownership with their small teams.

From the view of a startup company- hiring interns make it acknowledged to the best talents at their disposal and also helps to increase the numbers of those bitten by the startup bug. The company gets benefited by enhancing new ways in the workplace with minds that are untouched and so fresh with their ideas.

So, of course, interns for the startups are the best decision concerning success, bringing new ideas to the market, and coping up with social changes.

Why Company should hire interns?

It’s no secret that this generation and every new generation grows up and come up with new technologies and this is the reason they are called to be tech-savvy. Hiring those tech-savvies for the company helps in the growth of the company as they come into the workplace with new approaches, skills, and working ideas. They always are excited to explore and do something new and this type of nature helps the company to a wide extent. Some reasons that bring clarity to the concept that freshers are of course good for startups are as follows:

  • At ease with the technology- interns are the millennial and generation z who come up with fresh ideas and belongs to the digital native. Concerning this interns can help the employees of the company who work on older norms. While hiring interns can help them in tackling the problem and completing digital projects at ease and with the advanced side of the era.
  • Fresh Perspectives- interns, as discussed are the fresh minds that can keep fresh perspectives in the work environment. Hiring a fresh mentality in a fresh pair of eyes in order with telling them how the company operates just by the act of explaining your work and training process will inevitably spur ideas for improvement.
  • Gains brand advocates- hiring interns indirectly spreads the word about the company. And if the company making surety in providing amazing learning experience then it gets benefited by it. Because interns likely recommend the same internship program to others of their network and this eventually will spread the brand’s popularity in the market.
  • A couple of extra hands- in the process of project completion or any work in the workplace along with giving training to the interns and making them known of company’s policy helps a lot with those couple of hands. This often helps in accomplishing goals and objects in a new way with new skills, perspective, and social strategies.
  •  Enhances leadership quality- in responsibility to provide training and experience to the hired interns, quality of mentor ship is most important. While conducting this program employee of the company gets groomed in the way that it helps them in gaining the leadership quality too. Along with mentoring and spreading knowledge, they gain the confidence of being motivated to hold them to a higher account and act as a strong and responsible leader.


  • From the studies of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), about 52% of interns are offered full-time jobs.
  • About 72% of paid interns, 44% of unpaid interns, and 36% of none were offered a job.
  • About 86% of law clerks were once an intern.
  • 15% of interns who have completed internships are likely to be unemployed.
  • Interns of Facebook get paid $8,000 monthly.
  • Due to the pandemic crisis, about 38% of internship programs got canceled.
  • In the year 2015 Flipkart was doubled its intern to 300, Snapdeal was taken in 60 and health care practo hired 350 interns.


By concluding the concept, wants to express that participating in internship programs helps in getting employed easily without lots of hustle. And hiring interns for startups are definitely the best decision as it brings the social presence too with new ideas, approaches, and skills. It helps a lot to the company with tackling digital issues, brand awareness, and most importantly sharing hands in projects and works.


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