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How will the loss of net neutrality affect internet users?

“The nature of the internet and the importance of net neutrality is that innovation can come from everyone. And as Justine Bateman says- Net neutrality is what makes the internet so great and so vital for innovation and creativity.”

What is Net Neutrality?

net neutrality

‘Net neutrality- from the word ‘net’ we understand the meaning network and the word ‘neutrality’ basically mean impartiality or treating all the rivals or disputants equally. Net neutrality or network neutrality is the principle of treating equally every content or internet communications over the internet by the internet service providers i.e., ISPs.

ISP is a company that has the authority to provide access to the internet either via phone lines, cable television lines, or satellite connections to its users. So, in the aspect of network neutrality, ISPs have the authority to block, discriminate or slow down the internet speed to generate traffic for a particular web.

Therefore, net neutrality means ISP providing equal access to every web over the internet without prioritizing other data by sliding some data into ‘fast lanes’ while blocking other data.

How can Net Neutrality affect internet users?

Net neutrality plays a major role in the world of the internet, where every user is bounded to the internet. While users are so addicted to the internet and are living in the online world they prioritize doing everything with the help of the internet. And here we are controlled by the ISPs, the internet service providers who give us the access to use every online tool over the internet. It is all over the ISP, if they do not follow the principle of neutrality then they have the authority to control us. If ISP would not follow the law of neutrality principle then it will affect widely to internet users.

Scrapping net neutrality will affect every aspect of the day-to-day virtual life of the users who are engaged from online shopping, to social media scanning to bingeing televisions program, movies and shows to communicating and managing online businesses. Now the question comes how can ISP affect and control us?

  • Repeal of net neutrality can put consumers and the content creators at risk of being throttled, blocked, or can be brought into the phase of getting charged for internet access.
  • ISPs will have the authority to speed up or slow down the bandwidth accessibility to websites or participants. This will affect small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses by getting throttled, squashed, or blocked by ISPs in support of top eCommerce businesses.
  • ISPs will decide what users can see or use. They will be ruling us on using particular sites for shopping, watching movies, browsing social sites, or using other different tools over the internet.
  • Users will not have the freedom of using their favorites over internet but will be using tools of ISPs choice or likings.


ISPs have control over us, they do know what we use, see or do in our devices through the use of the internet. So from an average static, they know the popularity rate of usage of different internet tools like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. In this case, if ISPs do not follow the law of neutrality, then they can have control over us. The question comes- ‘how’?

So they have the authority to block those tools and will make users like us pay for using those apps or tools.

  • Taking the example of shopping sites, today we can shop or search our needs over any eCommerce sites without any restrictions. But if the law of neutrality gets lost, then small eCommerce sites may get blocked or network speed can go slow down for loading their website. In this case, ISP knows it well that, customers do not have patience these days as a result of which customers will leave that site and will prefer another one. This case is applicable when site network speed is slowed down.
  • In case of blocking, ISP will create a situation of blocking other small shopping sites just to generate traffic for top e-commerce sites that will pay for the speed. For a practical example, if Amazon pays for its site then ISP can block or slow down other sites to divert customers and make them use Amazon for shopping.

Every second matter

Every second counts in the e-businesses and if the sites take more than 3 seconds to load, customers abandon the website which as a result can face a 7% drop in conversions. On an account of one-second delay in website loading, an e-business that earns $10,000 per day can lose $2,50 000 per year and the reason behind the loss will be just a one-second delay. So it clears the concept that every second is important for e-businesses and loss of net neutrality can impact a lot on both businesses and the users.

Our View

In India, we have the law of net neutrality but also it is important to know the value of losing net neutrality and it’s aspects that can affect us. If we notice some of internet tools have control of ISPs like Netflix, Disney+ and many more which can be accessed only after paying an extra amount for that. But it is not same for every internet tool, so we can imagine very clearly that if we lose net neutrality then we would have to pay or every tool would cost for accessing, which we are using now of free of cost. Eventually losing net neutrality can impact a lot to us and businesses. In our view having a law of net neutrality is a blessing for us that we have the freedom to use tools of our choice without any interference of ISPs and can use it free of cost.



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